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Rigid Mobility



Clay Figures

Heaven & Earth

This tableau consists of cast-iron miniature figures clothed in plaster “fashion”. In material terms, the iron will rust and these pieces will change, or transform over time. Like the fashion the nature of the  material itself is fugitive.

This is a subtle and fashionable look at a time when we don’t give a rat’s ass about anything but shopping. This is about things that effect everybody. Life, culture, money, race. The ‘doll’ scale makes it comfortable to talk about through fashion.  

James Hull
independent curator, Boston, MA

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© Gabrielle Rossmer

Runway figures—Side View
© Gabrielle Rossmer


RUNWAY (close-up) with Conical Hat
© Gabrielle Rossmer


Runway © Gabrielle Rossmer

Runway (detail) © Gabrielle Rossmer

High Collar, Puffy Sleeves, Flounce
© Gabrielle Rossmer

© Gabrielle Rossmer


Incline © Gabrielle Rossmer
© Gabrielle Rossmer 2008