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Rigid Mobility



Clay Figures

Heaven & Earth


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Individual Dance figures are available for sale in many colors, mounted on an acrylic base.

Girl on Stool © Gabrielle Rossmer

"Dance" exhibition at Ceres Gallery © Gabrielle Rossmer



Dance, and modern dance in particular, often reaches the same inner core with which I experience sculptural form. What interests me in these pieces is form in space, gesture, relationship, implied motion, and finally, color. The medium of translucent, colored plastic offers surprises and variations that
delight me

Figures (Close-up)
© Gabrielle Rossmer

Red and Blue Lines
© Gabrielle Rossmer


Dancers in Pairs © Gabrielle Rossmer



Yellow/Green © Gabrielle Rossmer

Circle © Gabrielle Rossmer


Step © Gabrielle Rossmer

Stage © Gabrielle Rossmer